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Our Teaching

God's Word: Light & Life!

At Overflow Church, the ministry of God's Word holds a preeminent place in our church life. On Sunday mornings, our pastor delivers messages that combine elements of both preaching and teaching. The preaching style is engaging and impactful, while the teaching aspect provides in-depth understanding and application of biblical truths. However, it doesn't stop there.

In addition to our pastor's messages, we also have the privilege of hosting various speakers who operate in their unique gifts and talents. These speakers bring a fresh perspective and diverse insights to our congregation. They contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of our services and provide different approaches to delivering God's Word.

Whether it's our pastor or other gifted speakers, you can expect to receive powerful and transformative messages that illuminate and regenerate. These messages may take the form of topical teachings, where specific subjects are addressed, or expository studies, where Bible passages are explored verse by verse. We also delve into the original root word meanings and consider the historical and cultural context to deepen our understanding.

To enhance the messages, our pastor and guest speakers utilize a range of illustrations and personal stories. These anecdotes not only bring clarity to the message but also connect with our lives on a practical level. Sometimes, these stories may even be humorous, adding a touch of joy and relatability to the messages.

Our aim is that by the end of each message, you will feel that God has spoken to you in a meaningful way. The Word of God is not limited to Sunday mornings alone. We provide additional opportunities throughout the week for you to connect with the Light and Life found in God's Word.

Join us at The Overflow and experience the dynamic preaching and teaching mix, as well as the diverse speakers who operate in their unique gifts and talents. Prepare to be transformed and inspired as you connect with God's Word in a powerful way.

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