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Our Teaching

God's Word: Light & Life!

At Overflow church you will discover that the ministry of God’s Word occupies a preeminent place in church life. Each Sunday morning our pastor shares messages from God’s word that are illuminating (Light) and also regenerating (Life). The method of delivery is more of a “teaching” style, rather than “preaching”, but most of the time it is a mixture of both. Sometimes the messages are ‘topical” meaning that a specific subject is talked about. Other times they are “expository”, meaning that a Bible passage is examined verse by verse. Often we will look at some of the original root word meanings to gain an understanding of what was in the mind of the writer when he penned the words, or we will look at some of the historical and cultural background of the Scriptures we are looking at. Our pastor also utilizes a number of illustrations and stories from his own life, which many times are humorous, as well as help bring home the point that is being talked about. Hopefully by message end you will feel like God has spoken to you about a few things.


But Sunday mornings aren’t the only place where you are exposed to the Light and Life in God’s Word. Our church offers a number of other weekly venues where you will hear it as well. Of course, your kids and teens have an opportunity to receive God’s Word at their age levels in some of our children’s ministries.

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