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Over 18 years ago, a small group of people began to meet at our pastor's home.  The purpose of the get together was principally for prayer, fellowship and connecting Christian people who were looking for a more prophetic expression of the Church.  We are not church as usual, we are completely Holy Spirit led and we believe the gifts of the Spirit should be evident in the church service and our everyday lives.  In 2018 we moved into our current location and are excited about all that God has been showing and confirming as we press forward into the fullness of what God has created us for. Our founders, Apostle Buddy and Prophetess Amy Mefford have pursued ministry as their full time passion.  They accepted the call to step into this church nearly 8 years ago as God has given them many dreams and visions for this city, and the Revival that God is about to bring to Indian River County.  In 2022, they raised up a new Senior Pastor, Karyn Bryant to take the lead of this ministry so that they can pursue an apostolic and Prophetic ministry.

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