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Overflow Church

Dreams, Words & Visions

These have been great mile markers on our journey and have shaped and are shaping who we are, what our mission is and the Destiny that God has placed before us as a body of believers.  We wanted to share some of these with you to help you understand what God has been doing with the church over the past few years and what is about to happen.  Please take some time to read and reflect on what God has shown us.  Many of these have come to pass but many more are still not yet.  They have been an amazing way the Holy Spirit has spoken to us and led us over the years.  As you read them you can see how God Guides, warns and encourages us to keep pressing on to the fullness of what we were created to be. There are many more dreams, visions and words that we will be sharing soon, and there are many that we are not able to share due to their personal nature.  Never in the past 25 years have we been in a place that God is speaking so clearly than since we moved here and took this ministry in 2014.  We have even had the same dreams at the same time many times in the past few years.  We feel this is because we are getting very close to the fullness of an end time push to save souls and see the lost restored.  Many who come to be part of this ministry end up expanding their dream life and operate even stronger in the prophetic.  All of these dreams and visions are from several sources in and outside of the church.  So please take some time to start a journey with us and pray about how you can become part of all the God is doing here and to truly step into a life full of the Overflow!

Thank you and God Bless,

Apostle Buddy and Prophetess Amy Mefford

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