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So I had a very detailed dream last night….I remember sitting in a baby car seat and it took off down the road in the rain really fast, I didn’t like the rain so I held another baby seat over my head to shield me from the rain.  I arrived at a church, once I stepped in and I noticed that there were several sanctuaries to choose from.  The main one was like a normal sanctuary but as I looked to the back of the room, I saw large two-way mirrors and I could not see through them.  As I stepped into the back sanctuary on the other side of the mirrors there was a setting like a bar with lots of people who could see the church, but the church could not see them.  They were a bit rowdy and not very mature in church flow.  As I walked back into the main sanctuary, I threw off the baby seat and then moved into the next sanctuary.  It was smaller and in front of the other sanctuary.  I noticed that there was a large power cable hooked up to this section and as we stayed in this sanctuary, we were connected to a greater flow of power but once we left it was lifted off us.  I then noticed there was even a small sanctuary in front of this one.  It was kind of like the first one was the outer court, the second the inner court, the inner tabernacle then the holy of holies.  As I entered the final stage, it was a small inner room.  I saw a large wooden door on the wall that appeared to be the entrance, but it was fake.  I looked down at the floor and there was a deep dark hole set up like a trap.  I ended up prying at the door and door frame and the whole thing came off the wall like the whole door and frame and we laid it down over the hole and began digging away at the wall laying the rubble over the door to cover the hole.  A new door now appeared behind the rubble in the wall and this was the real thing.  As I opened it up it led into to a small chamber with an old wooden desk.  As I opened up the main drawer, in it was a set of about 7 very large golden keys with lanyards on them and I felt as if these were the true keys to the Kingdom.  As I moved back through all the sanctuary’s I noticed I could see over people heads like a desert scene of dryness.  But over my head was now a rainstorm that followed me, I felt the power of the second sanctuary, but it didn’t leave me even if I moved to the outer ones and I brought rain to people’s desert scenes. I got the impression that the inner most room had not been accessed in a very long time and that the enemy had set up traps in the from of a hole and a false door to keep people from accessing or going any further.


A dream came that we were in a time of need in the church, finances were tight, and we were worried.  In the dream we were sitting in the café and someone handed us a pile of money to bless the church and that we were not to worry.

  • This came to pass in late 2019 as someone sat in the café and handed us the money that we saw in the dream.



So, I had a dream and at first, I didn’t think it was so spiritual, but now I’m meditating on it as I believe God is speaking through it.  In the dream, I was intently working on an old run-down Honda Accord, 2door.  It was no longer shiny or new looking but worn.   I was spending much time under the hood changing out the old breather with a newer one and trying to get the engine to run better.  As I inspected the engine, I found several airlines / hoses that were unhooked, and I was attempting to reconnect them but many of them would not reach or stretch back in place as they were old and dry rotted.  No matter how hard I tried they would just break or not stay on making the engine to run rough at idle. As I stepped back to look at the car in frustration because no matter how hard I tried it was just a lot of work with not much fruit, I noticed another car that was suddenly sitting next to the old one. It was a Toyota Supra station wagon, 4 doors.  I noticed it was very shiny and new, it was a turbo model and running perfectly. I was amazed at the car as it was ready to go with no effort.  When I woke up I began to ponder the Supra, as first there is no such thing as a Toyota Supra station wagon, but the Supra models bring big money as they are very fast and collectable.  I believe God was showing me that He is desiring to do a new thing but that we just keep trying to get the old thing running and going, but despite our best efforts, it was just not going to work.  It was limited in its ability to go fast; it ran rough and it did not carry many people.  The station wagon though is designed to carry many people.  I feel like God is trying to show us that we are still trying to establish a new thing that God is doing through old religious ways of thinking… 


I had a dream last night, as Amy and I were standing in the sanctuary, we noticed that the place had grown to the point that you were out of room and you were in need of a larger building.  I saw on a table in the middle of the sanctuary a set of blueprints laid out with many measurements and drawings.  There was also an invoice of a larger tract of land to be purchased that bordered a large lake.  I believe what God was showing me was that He desires to expand you, your family and your ministry but that it would only be done by His blueprints that God has drawn up specifically for your church.  Also, in the dream I remember being distracted by many other activities going on in the church that pulled my attention away from the table that had the blueprints on it. These activities were not bad ones, they had purpose, but they still pulled my attention away from that table.   I felt the plans and land I saw was not necessarily in the natural but in the spiritual.  I hear the Lord saying, do not grow too busy or too weary that your vision and passion is diminished.  Get alone with God and see the plans He has for you. 



In the dream I walked into the sanctuary and it was packed with many people that were many different races.  It was a rough crowd, and I felt it was like recovery church.  People were there as they were, some were smoking and laughing and not really taking things seriously.  I saw Jessica leading worship and I stepped up to the mic and shared some personal words with people and then warned them that this may be the last chance for some of them as it was time to make a choice to accept all that God has for them.  Something changed in the room that caused the once who were smoking and laughing to get serious quickly.  I then saw something different begin to happen in the crowd as a small black child about 3 or 4 years old grabbed the mic and sand alleluia over and over again.  People began to notice a strange move of the Holy Spirit in the room and the whole atmosphere changed.  Many of these people were unchurched but they recognized the presence of the Lord as He entered the room.  I left the room and allowed Jessica to minister but then came back at the altar ministry time as I felt she still needed help with that.  I feel as if God is confirming Jessica to be our leader in worship in this season but there is still much, we have to be purposeful in training, teaching and releasing her in to get her where she needs to be.


I had a dream of finding a document that was written many years before I was born.  On it was a list of people that God was bringing together for what he was about to do in the coming season.  There was a long list of names and many pages of details of what was to come.  I was shocked to find my father’s name on it and my name since it was written before I was even a thought in my father’s mind.  I was then aware of a flurry of activity of many small meetings with some of the people on the list.  It was a series of meetings to discuss what God was doing in different places.  I saw many different denominations represented in the group, but we had to overcome a spirit of religion.  Unfortunately, not all the people would agree on embracing this new move of God and some flat out refused to be moved from their traditions.  I then found myself in a meeting at a large church, but I was not the one leading, but I was asked to share my heart with the people.  The church was a large traditional church with pews and hymnals in the backs.  I sensed a gathering of many denominations from Baptists to Pentecostals.  One of the main leaders got up to share what God had showed him and talked about the document openly and said that God prophesied to him through a little girl (my daughter Erin) years ago that a sign that would signify a release of this new move of God would be that many stars would begin to fall.  I found myself reasoning with several as I wondered around the church with a wooden staff, highlighting what God was doing and was about to do was not what they were used to.  There was still a divided crowd and murmuring I could hear.  I saw people standing and waiting to receive God in the way they were used to, many came looking for the rain and had umbrellas in their hands anticipating it, but the rain did not produce water like they thought but bubbled up out of the ground like a spring as it filled the church.  Some held umbrellas as they waited for the rain, but they were turned inside out and bent from a strong wind. I saw as they wheeled out a huge picture frame large enough to barley fit the whole altar area of the church and it was very large.  It was made up of many different blocks of wood that were glued together, not perfectly but off centered from each other, block by block with many different colors. On the blocks were written the names of the leaders that embraced this new move of God.  They were ones who chose to be bent from their traditions and mindsets.  Inside the frame was empty like the masterpiece or picture was still yet to be placed into it.  I stood up when asked and shared my heart and began leading people in the church in a simple song about Jesus that flowed out of my heart. Only some began to embrace it as they were not used to singing a song without their hymnals.  I pointed at the hymnals and said, all of those songs were once songs breathed to life by the spirit of God and that God was wanting us to birth forth new songs that was not meant to just move people but to cause people but to move heaven.  I then began to see many more joining in unity to sing but there were still some who resisted.  I saw many different denominations and all of them had to make a decision to be bent and stretched in this move to embrace God in a different way but not so different that they lost their foundation of what they believed.  It was hard for both Baptists and Pentecostals alike as they had to bend to the center, to each other and embrace what God was doing in this new season.

WORD “CLEAN SLATE” April 14, 2019

Our head of intersession stated that what she felt God was doing with our hearts is He is asking us to write everything down onto a chalkboard about what we believe God is doing and going to do in this coming season and how we think that he will bring it about and who we think He will use to perform it and then write it onto a chalk board and then erase it.  God is calling for a clean chalk board over our perceptions, opinions and even over out past experiences of how God has moved in the past.

DREAM “MORE GROWTH” April 15, 2019

In the dream, Pastor Amy and I were at our church where we are now and there were a ton of people pouring in and every seat was taken, people came in both entrances and we are at the front talking.

DREAM “PRAMOTION” April 19, 2019

In the dream I found myself in a large church meeting that you (Pastor Krista Hampton) was ministering at.  It appeared the meeting was about to end when a very old woman stood up and began speaking and prophesying over you and your ministry.  She would speak briefly and then sing prophetically and would switch back and forth for some time, it seemed to go on for like 30 mins or so.  Many were astonished as she did not need a microphone as her words began resonating in the room with thundering.  Many were amazed that God would use such an older unlikely person in the room, but as she continued it felt like she was more angelic in nature than human.  Usually in my dreams when I see an old woman speaking over me it usually represents the Holy Spirit.   As she continued to speak and sing, I knew the words were of great importance to you as I tried to record them on a small cassette recorder, but it malfunctioned and could not be played back.  I feel this represents the words were for you and not everyone in the room.  As she began to speak and sing and large pillar suddenly was raised up in the center of the room, it was about 6 feet thick and when up through the roof.  She kept walking around the pillar and continued to sing a speak as the pillar was raised up fully.  I felt in the dream that this pillar was you, and that she was prophesying over you and raising you up as a center support, like the center post of a tent.  I have had similar words spoken over me about becoming a center tent peg for revival in this area and I think this is the same for you in your area of ministry and your scope of influence.  I believe it represents a season of promotion and establishment into the fullness of what you were created for.  As she finished, I watched as you prepared to leave the meeting and I noticed that you had a ink pen in your mouth and a pad of paper in your hand.  I saw smoke come out of your mouth from the pen like you see when someone is vaping.  I also saw you put on a very nice jacket as you prepared yourself to leave.  I feel the pen was put in your mouth and the pad of paper in your hand as God was going to breath out writings’ and words from your mouth that may even be used for books or establishing writings for use for the kingdom.  The coat or jacket I saw you put on was of fine leather and as you can research, the leather coats in the bible often symbolized Spiritual covering.  Anyway, hope this makes sense and as tio my interpretations just pray about it as God may show you something different.  I tried to put in as much detail as I could as I believe it is very symbolic what God has done, is doing and will do in your life and ministry.  Love you Pastor and God bless.


DREAM “DEEPER LEVELS” April 22, 2019

In the dream I was brought with Amy to a slow-moving river.  In the end we started at as I looked into the water it was very shallow and stirred up from all the people we saw swimming in it, walking in it so it was clouded with silt and dirt swirling in the water with did not allow for us to see anything in the water.  We were then moved further down the river and the water was now clear and we could see the fish.  We spent much time reaching into the water as it was deeper, and we could jump in and just grab the fish but we could only hold our breath for so long so we could not stay under very long.  All I had was a diver’s mask and while it helped me see it did not help me breath.  Once we were out of breath, we had to re-surface, but we were able to grab some big fish.  We spent a lot of our time trying to pull the fish out of the water, but they fought us and many we had to release back into the water.  My attention was then drawn from messing with the fish to seeing deeper into the water and realizing there was a much deeper level with some gold shimmering which caused us to want to explore. As I tried to reach that level with just a mask, I could barely make to there but had to resurface.  I finally obtained a 5-minute small breather tank and could make it to the level.  As I did, I dug through the rocks and silt and kept finding very nice heavy gold and silver rings with elaborate designs and jewels in them.  I found many of them by digging into the rocks and silt, but I could only stay so long as I would quickly run out of air and had to resurface.  As I made many trips, I was able to get many rings, but some of the fancier elaborate rings were fake, not actually gold but plastic, but many of the ones that were more unassuming were the real ones.  The fake ones were placed there to distract from the real ones. The rings looked like class rings, Superbowl type rings and elaborate kingly rings like in ancient times.  They all had different inscriptions on them. On one of my last trips down I realized I could now see further into the water and the ledge I was on was just the beginning.  As I looked into the water it dropped off to a much deeper level, but I could not get to it with just my 5-min tank I had.  I knew that I needed something that could sustain me under the water for a much longer time.  I could see there was even greater treasure at the deeper level and I desperately desired to get there.


DREAM “HEALED” June 6, 2019

It was about three weeks ago I had a dream about you and in it I saw you laying on a table with overhead lights all around you, beaming down on you.  Then this pair of hands come from the lights and reached inside you and took something out of you.  You got up and started dancing!!!  End of dream.   (This had to do with the cancer surgery I was about to undergo just days from this dream, he did not know about my cancer)

DREAM “THE 12-STEPS” July of 2019

I had a dream where I was standing in a field and I saw many little castles in the field not as tall as Larry as I saw him walking in the field.  I wasn’t sure as to what these small castles were, but they appeared to be growing slowly as Larry walked around them and looked at each one of them.  I then heard God speak “The 12 steps have to Overflow’s main focus”.  I feel like God is directing our focus in support of Recovery Church.


I had a dream about Pastor Doug and myself.  In the dream I was in a place that was partially flooded, I saw some large buildings and as I looked up a large Fish jumped out of the upstairs window, and then another and another so was were drawn to see where they were coming from.  When we entered the building, we could see they were jumping out of the water on the other side into a window, through the building and out the other side. They continued to come one after another, jump into the building, stay briefly and then jump out the other side. They came in from the back and left out the front. As we began to explore, we saw many rooms full of old furniture, clutter and many things in the room like someone who lived there was a hoarder of sorts.  I got the impression that all this stuff and then building was left behind as an inheritance.  So, Doug and I and a third person whose face I did not see began to sift through the stuff, drawers, desks, shelves, etc. and we began to find hidden money, silver bars, valuables.  We sifted and sifted for many hours as we felt a since to hurry to get all we could.  We split the valuables three ways, to Doug, me and the third person.  I then at the end found a piece of satellite film imagery like I used to use in my Navy Intelligence days. It was a large image of the surrounding territory around the building showing that there was way more buildings to go through than the one we just did.  This left us feeling exited as there was much more to explore, and our adventure was just beginning.



As I found myself walking up and in that place of not yet awake but still partially asleep, I heard the Lord say “August Awakening”



I had a dream that Amy and I were in a church setting and she began to speak out hidden things in people’s heart, she knew the mysteries that people hide and ones that were hidden from them that God wanted them to know. The scene changed and I found myself in an apartment complex.  I began to speak over the apartment and could change the color of the walls, the windows and even the size of the rooms and they would change.  Some I kept speaking over and it changed slowly, then some quickly.  I moved outside the apartment and began to speak over the entire complex and saw the color change, the grounds, I added a swimming pool and club house all by speaking it into existence.  I feel God was revealing the difference between Amy and I’s anointings and how this is represented in the Prophetic and Apostolic.


I dreamed this morning that I was meeting families for the first time. They were either sad, angry at each other, or fearful. Each time I would begin talking to them, a little, 2 x 4-inch flip book (like those old gospel tracts from the 80s with cartoon drawings) would suddenly appear in my hand. It would have a picture of that family on the front and they would all be smiling and happy. I would open it and begin reading all the things that God saw about them. I would hand them the book and they would be thankful and happy again. After I did this with 4 or 5 families, they all joined a long line of people doing like a fire brigade except the line of people would pass old wooden freight boxes down the line. I could tell the boxes were from an earlier time, like Indiana Jones on the ship in the first movie when the boxes of freight were heavy duty to travel a long distance.


WORD & DREAM “GLORY REVEALED” November 24, 2019

Pastor Amy was given a word by God that He was about to reveal His glory to her in a new way.  Two days later she was taken to heaven in the fourth watch of the night and stood as she saw the wonders of Heaven.  My earthly father approached her and told her to tell me that he was sorry for not being there, sorry for not being the dad or the example he should have been, and that he wasted too much of his time on this earth.  After this God showed up in all His glory and revealed his presence to Amy two times.  The light is something that she struggles to explain, it was so pure so perfect that it even had a sound to it.  Color with sound, wow!  My sister also heard my dad’s voice three times waking her up from her sleep in the midnight hours.  This has left me so sweetly broken this week as all the frustration and anger I have felt towards my father melted away.  I had no idea how much hurt I have been carrying.  This week God had already been speaking to me about my father and the legacy left behind.  He told me I need to break that tradition and leave a different legacy, one that produces fruit and not failure.  To not be like King Joash that began in the spirit and ended in the flesh.  This week God spoke to me two statements over and over from different sources, so I know God was resounding these words in my spirit.  The word Galvanized and a quote by Admiral Yamamota the one who carried out the attacks on pearly harbor.  He stated, I feel the attacks we have carried out on America have failed to produce the results we intended but we have only managed to awaken a sleeping Giant.  The word Galvanized means to excite the metals into action, to bring unity to the metals so that are strong against the attacks.  I feel like all this together is God speaking that through he attacks of the enemy, though tough and hard to walk through, they have been what the enemy meant for harm, BUT God says let them AWAKEN the sleeping Giant.  The season of Awakening is upon us!  Arise and eat for you will need the strength of that to get you through the next 40 days of new things from Heaven.  Get ready to experience an encounter from Heaven like never before, He is about to challenge your theology...



In the dream, I was at church in the new building, ministering to the people about living in the Overflow.  I stated that up until now they have only trusted God with their finances to the point of just getting by, just getting their needs met, just making it from pay day to pay day.  But I saw God stirring a season of offerings, that would take them to a place of OVERFLOW, a place of more than enough, more than they could even handle so they could be an abundant blessing.  This was not a sermon, but a declaration, not just to get a big offering, but to move both the church and the people to a supernatural place of blessing, so that they could accomplish all that God has set before them.  There was a great level of the people’s expectations raised and a high praise that followed, but there were some that did not receive this as their heart was resistant to it due to past hurts in the area of giving, but these were very few people.


Pastor Amy and I had the same dream this week of black snakes that were trying to infiltrate the church and our home, they were on the ceiling, floors, and walls.  In one of my dreams there was a main snake, a black cobra that appeared to be much larger than the little ones.  As I grabbed it by the tail, one of our leaders grabbed it by the body but I warned him to watch out for the head.  It bit him on the right forearm, his hand shriveled up and the fangs (two bug, tow little) stayed in his arm.  As I prayed bout this dream, the Lord showed me that these black snakes were a per-emptive strike against the church as the enemy knew a move of God was coming and he wanted to sow seeds of lies, false perceptions and dis-unity ahead of what God was about to do.  I believe that God was warning us that we needed to be very careful on how we handled the situations that would arise to limit the amount of damage and hurt that would come from the attack.

Several weeks later, another woman in the church also dreamed about these black snakes and another women in the church saw a vision of two white buildings with a black snake between them.  Another leader in our church had a dream of snake biting his arm and he shook it off.

DREAM ‘BUCKLE UP AND HANG ON” December 1, 2019

Last night I had a dream that Amy and I were at River of Life in Paris Ky visiting you and the church, when a prophetic word came forth from our hearts about Unity and a greater level of it that God was requiring from the people as it would be needed to embrace the next wave of His Glory.  The people had to decide whom they would serve, Him or their own interests.  Some became upset and walked out the doors, but most remained at the church even more together than before.   In my heart, I knew this was a good thing and that the stage was set for the next move of God.  I was then taken to the outside of the church and sat in an office chair, all of a sudden it took off on its own and began moving around the building very fast, all I could do was hang on as it sped over stairs, up and down, across roads and fields.  Then I heard God speak, Things are about to get much faster in this new season, you will feel like you have no control over them, just hang on and make sure to have your heart set right so you can fully embrace all that I am about to do.


Had a dream this morning. I was at church and there was an ornate display piece that needed to be assembled. It was a configuration of hoops getting smaller on the way up to the top to look like a Christmas tree. For each hoop was a cardboard circle to place on the hoop. It was all the light blue like recycle trash cans in Indian river county. It was designed for churches to display the glory of God and the box it came in showed a generic family sampling what the church had to offer people. Very commercial. There were nuts, bolts, and metal pieces everywhere and instructions, but it was so complex that when I finally got it out together, Pastor Buddy said that God was doing something else now. To display the next thing was another display piece, but it looked like those childhood monkey bar systems like we had in playgrounds in school. It was bright like the recycle yellow on cans in Brevard County. I knew I wouldn't be able to assemble that huge thing in time before God moved on. I woke up with the phrase "flash events" in my mind. I think we need to remain fluid and easy to adapt. All the religion in me wants to see structure and ordered ministries, but maybe that keeps us from capitalizing on short opportunities to quickly minister to select few that have a narrow window of openness to the gospel. Not sure how this looks played out in real world scenario.

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