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I dreamed that I heard a voice saying Recovery Church was unhealthy and sick.  The dream then went to where we were standing in a room with a fairly wealthy man who, from what I gather from the dream, had made a rather substantial donation to Recovery Church.  Wayne had called my phone and left a message, that I was allowing the man to listen to.  In the message, Wayne had said he wished he would've kept a copy of the check (from what I understood in the dream this was the first large donation to be given to have as a memory of Recovery Church.  I felt it was a warning that if things weren't fixed and put right, then Recovery Church wouldn't survive.  

(This came to pass as some of the old leadership relapsed and we were asked to step in as part of leadership.  We then received a large check for Recovery church that was large enough to allow us to move into the new building.  Recovery Church did fail, but was reborn and recalibrated and is still undergoing many calibrations to become the best version of itself.)

DREAM “A MERGER IS COMING” – March of 2018

In the dream I walked into the sanctuary of our new building and I saw several people, some I recognized others I did not.  I walked to the office and picked up a package addressed to the Overflow, so I knew where I was.  I saw the two families and the pastor’s wife from a small church that was in the process of praying about merging into the Overflow.  I spoke briefly to the Pastors wife and she stated that her husband was gone from the church evangelizing and she was leaving soon too but asked if we would minister to a certain family who was going through some relational issues and I agreed I would.  She her husband would be returning around Thanksgiving from a trip. 

  • This dream came to me as we were praying about merging with another church as we were in talks but felt it may not happen.This dream confirmed the coming merger and gave us a timeframe as to when it would take place prior to the move to the new building, but that shortly after the move,around the holidays, that Rocky and his family would be leaving the church to pursue other things.

Later in the year at the new building Another dream came that the couple who were dealing with some relational issues, would soon leave the church.  In the dream Amy saw the wife standing at the back of the room agreeing with everything we were saying but left broken hearted anyway. 

A word was given to this same woman that her husband was seen as he dropped to the ground lifeless but that she picked him up and carried him up onto the stage and continued being part of the worship team anyway even while carrying this heavy burden.



A dream came that we were in need of over $20,000 so that we could complete the move into this building.  In the dream it was very specific of not only how much we would get, from who and how they come to get the money through the sell ofF a piece of real estate.  In the dream we would get it right before our deadline to move into the new building.

  • This came to pass in August of 2018!


Pastor Amy received a word from the Lord “You will no longer have to purchase second best; I will provide for you to get what you have need of.  I a.m. truly positioning to be blessed out of the Overflow and abundance.”

  • Up until now we could not afford to purchase a good sound system, once we moved to the new building downtown, a brand new system purchased with an unexpected gift.



So, during a prayer meeting on Tuesday night Amy had a vision that out of nowhere totally unexpected a bolt of lightning struck the altar and left a huge crater.  It was completely out of the blue and we were overwhelmed with what God was doing.  The next night our son had a dream that he was walking down the main street in Vero Beach and the skies were blue and clear.  He was walking in such a way that he was going about his business as usually and suddenly a bolt of lightning struck next to him.  He said it was completely unexpected, but it was a very powerful bolt that hit.  Our son was not at the prayer meeting and was not told about the vision his mother had the night before.  Expect the unexpected in this season and brace yourselves for what God is about to do.


Pastor Amy dreamed that her and Pastor Buddy were invited to minister in a church.  We had been so tired form giving out and tried to find a place to get alone and refuel.  We had many people trying to push their way in, many people pulling on us.  There a lot of chaotic distractions but God had placed some around us to protect us, support and love us so we can complete the task before us.  These people would protect the call on our lives and keep the distractions from affecting our peace.


Over the last few nights I have had a series of dreams, the first God began to speak to me about the church posturing in a praying travailing spirit that would begin to birth forth a new season of Revival.  The second night Amy and I found ourselves at an old church, white two story one like you would find in most small towns but this one had a fireplace but no fire burning in it.  We stayed in the church overnight and slept but kept getting woken up by sounds of someone moving about in the church, we heard footsteps but did not see anyone.  I heard a child laughing but again didn’t see anyone and knew it was demonic. The scene moved to the daylight time and I noticed some people in the church going about the daily routine.  Some were in the sanctuary; others were in the kitchen area eating.  I suddenly saw this little girl appear around the church randomly, then disappear. I recognized this little girl as my wife and I have fought this same girl many times in the spirit as she is a strong man that always challenges us on taking territory and threatened us with civil war if we took the church any further and took anymore ground.  As she manifested, people actually thought she was real, and I saw people play with her, other children would hold her hand and play games.  I stood up and yelled out, stop touching her, she is not what you think, she’s demonic.  As we began to enter into spiritual warfare, she resisted, we tried to throw her out of the church, but as soon as we did, she was right back in.  After a time of this we were tired, and she again appeared in front of us.  Broken and feeling defeated, we suddenly began speaking and praying differently.  We started speaking life, love and crying and wailing in a spirit of travail on the floor in front of this strong man as we spoke out Gods love, Grace and Mercy.  Suddenly, it changed, it dropped dead onto the floor as the presence of God filled the room.  She transformed into almost like a baby, and its eyes were suddenly filled with oil, the whole body filled with oil to overflowing, and out of its stomach came forth an amber Rock, transparent in nature but weeping oil.  What was left of the child now fell apart like tissue paper in the oil.  We carried the weeping rock over the fireplace and put it top of what looked like an old wood stove.  A fire was lit, and the rock continued to leak oil.  We found the oil was very clingy and stuck all over our hands.  People started to come in for a meeting and as we touched them with the oil on their foreheads, they would drop to the ground under the power and Glory of God.  Many would cry, many would laugh, many would confess sins.  As this grew, it went from the sanctuary to the kitchen and many even sitting in their chairs eating would begin to drop out of their chairs as the oil touched them.  We became very aware that the more we prayed for the more the oil ran dry on our hands and the effects on the people lessened.  We had to keep returning back to the oil weeping rock and lay hands on it, then go minister again.  During this meeting a fire marshal showed up and said the neighbors were complaining of smoke rising out of the upper rooms of the building, they came to put out the fire and said it must be coming from a fireplace upstairs, but as they piled int, they to with just one touch of the oil fell out.  This continued until we were drawn out into the street corner, there people began to gather of all colors and religions, they asked skeptically what all the commotion was, as they too were touched, they would begin to renounce their faith in their false gods and confessed their sins and cried out of Jesus to save them.  We then realized the oil was running dry again, so we ran back to the church to again lay hands on the oil weeping rock.  As we did, we noticed people from the streets began to pour into the church looking for the oil, so they too can experience the presence of God.  As I went to the Rock, I say appear on it white translucent letters that said go the Williamson WV, the go west some miles and you will find paradise.  Then it disappeared, and a cross appeared on the rock along with writing to the effect, do this in remembrance of me, or something like that.  As I woke up this morning, we researched out Williamson, WV and then looked for Paradise.  What we found astonished us, it was a small place called Paradise Island, in Christian West Virginia.  It is a camp that was built years ago for the younger generation.  They are nestled near miracle mountain and they have a 30-ton rock there that was blown out of the mountainside that depicted Jesus praying to heaven with a light shining on His face.  People come from all over the world to see it.  This was a place established to not only evangelize the younger generation, but also through many outreaches show the love of God to help the least of these.  Even the address of the place is 777 Paradise.  Ha.  I believe God was using this to confirm from the spiritual to the natural that He is about to restore His mountain of miracles, through a new wave of evangelism, and outreach to the younger generation like never before and it’s all about the Rock!

DREAM “DELIVERANCE” August of 2018

In the dream I saw a young couple that are just now stepping out in youth ministry.  I know them from a church we use to minister in.  They were sitting in a small home with small rooms and were at a desk.  They were dressed in raggedy old clothes, dirty and tired.  The home was poorly lit and dusty.   At the desk was a stack of bills, they were frustrated that their electric bill was so high, and they were constantly broke as a result of the high bills.  They were cramped in the small dwelling, but As I walked around the home, I noticed hat the home had a basement but there were no stairs to it.  I told them that their home was much larger than what they thought.  As I began to look around, I felt in my spirit that the stairs were in a certain part of the main living room, but the entrance was hidden, covered over.  I took a shovel and began to dig into the carpet.  Layer after layer, I hit different styles of carpet and each style indicated a different year.  I got down to even the green shag carpet and then hit wood.  There were many layers and layers, but the moment I hit the wood and began to break through, I saw these small crab-like creatures coming out of the holes and would begin to bite and pinch me causing great pain.  They were sent to get me to stop digging.  I hit them with the shovel and fought them until they fled.  I broke through to the hidden void that revealed a stair well to the basement.  It was dark, damp and neglected.  I noticed trash and debris around the rooms, in one room I noticed a dirty mattress on the floor that had recently been slept in.  I saw an old shriveled up wrinkled woman standing in one of the rooms.  I moved to the bathroom and coming out of the toilet were many skinny and emaciated black cats that were coming and going from the home.  I confronted the women and told her she had to leave but she said she did not have to as she was granted access to dwell there.  I called up the police to have her evicted.  They showed up and appeared to be spiritual police. They talked with the old woman and then told me there’s nothing they could do.  I said what do you mean, she’s not supposed to be here.  They directed me to look out the window and at the back of the property there was a mailbox in the ground with her name on it.  They said we cannot ask her to leave as she is getting mail here and has established residency here in the home and she must be evicted by the owner.  She had been given access through an open door and allowed to receive mail to the property.  She had even sealed off part of the home for herself and was even hording stray cats that were coming a going form the property.  She had also tapped into the power of the home and the utilities and was draining the home of its finances through the huge burden and bills.  I went back to the couple upstairs and urged them it was time to clean house.  I came back a time later and found the house was now clean, there was now a bright lit up stairwell to the other level of the home to the basement and even an upstairs now.  There bills were low, the home was completely remodeled, and the atmosphere was total that of clean air.  The couple were now dressed in new clothes and their home was finally in order.



I saw a pastor sitting down next to a small puddle of water, almost laying down next to it as you gazed into it with sorrow, you were actually crying into the puddle trying to keep it from drying up completely.  This was the remnant of great things, the remnant of what was left.  But then I saw the picture widen as I saw the ocean just off the coast and I heard God say through your tears, a river was about to be birthed out of a puddle, I saw it grow and cone ted with the ocean once again.  I heard God say that you are not forsaken, you are not forgotten as I have remembered all the good works which you did in my name and restoration is on the horizon.  Allow the Holy Spirt to give you the new blueprints of what is to come, as He will begin to give you a design from heaven that will shift your focus form the old to the new.  I saw in my dream a set of bait traps like a person would use to catch the wild animals.  I saw the traps were neglected and still full of old stale bait, covered in spider webs from lack of use.  I heard God say it was time to get new bait to catch the wild and the lost, this bait will not be what you are used to, it will take to a place of being uncomfortable, but it will work, and you will see the harvest.  I remember God asked me one time when he was taking me to an uncomfortable place.  He said when you go fishing, do you only use bait you like to eat?  I laughed, and he said, no you use what the fish love, and that is what will catch them.  Do the part of Ezra but don’t forget that I will raise up a Nehemiah who will complete the work you started.

WORD “TENT OF REVIVAL” August 12, 2018

We were ministering at New Hope Church here in Vero Beach and the Ruleman’s prophesied over us that God was raising up a tent of Revival over the city of Vero beach and that He was going to raise up Overflow as the cent tint pole in the center of the tent.


DREAM “OUR INHERITANCE” September of 2018

Amy and I had the same dream…

In the dream we found ourselves in a large old very well-built building like a Library or castle, one that was very elaborate and well done form many years ago.  In the dream we explored the building and it was full of very old tapestries hanging from the walls, large leather-bound books and very heavy carved furniture.  There was many levels and each level had treasures from different generations that were unused and covered in dust.  There was a sanctuary like a church and at times water filled the sanctuary and at first it was scary, but a woman said don’t worry the water always flows in when the river overflows its banks.  The water would come in and out like a tide.  We became increasingly aware that the enemy hated that we had entered the building and he would follow us, but before he could get to us, the holy spirit would lead us into another room deeper into the build.  Along the was we kept discovering jewels and treasure that was hidden in the walls and storage palaces.  I heard God speak that he was giving us this building as an inheritance and that many of the treasures were left over from other generations that failed to tap into the resources of Heavy and were left unused but now we have inherited them.



I had a dream last night that was full of many details that seemed unimportant at the time but sometimes the symbolism in the details is God speaking more loudly than first thought.  In the dream Amy and I were visiting you and I first ran into you in a small meeting where you were there with some leaders and others.  In the meeting there were many distractions, people kept coming and going, coming in late, trying to do other things that had nothing to do with the meeting and I felt that you were beginning to get frustrated because of all the disruptions.  During the meeting some people were testifying as to some prophetic words that were spoken over them had come to pass, but it had been many years in the making, so long, that we didn’t even remember giving the words, but they were excited as they have been waiting a long time.  Others did not receive their words and were frustrated.  The scene changed to us sitting at a table afterwards with us and we began talking about prophetic words. The scene changed as you, Amy and I were sitting at a table just talking after the meeting and you were frustrated at some of the words spoken over certain people and the church had not yet come to pass.  There was one in particular that was spoken over an older person that had not come to pass and they were very old in age and you knew it may be too late for them.  You said to us Why did this one come to pass and not this one?  I heard in my spirit the Lord speak and He said, because they did not position themselves to receive the word spoken over them years ago.  The Enemy cannot stop them, but people can choose to not sign for them like a package that is being delivered to them.  The scene shifted again to your home.  Amy and I were visiting you and Keith and while inside the home I saw a little boy.  At first, I thought it was a grandchild, but I do not believe it was.  He looked just like a little boy we encountered in another dream over another church in Kentucky last year.  That boy was sent on a mission from a Strong man to cause distractions.  IN that church the main distractions were coming against their sound and media.  This little boy I saw was in the process of making a toy gun out of paper.  It looked like an assault rifle, but totally out of paper.  I was able to look at the gun, as I looked, it had writing on it.  The main word was MEDITATION.  There were two other words written but were hidden under layers of the gun.  Inside the gun I saw three little people made of paper that were there to assist in delivering the paper bullets.  They were positioned inside the gun along the magazine as to guide the bullets to be fired.  As we began to leave your home, I left my jacket inside a playroom with lots of toys, as I grabbed it and walked down the hallway, I encountered a silhouette like demon blocking my way.  As I passed down the hallway, I felt it hit me with a great force.  It then manifested into a large stuffed animal that ran at me to attack but I was able to knock it down to the ground and spoke over it “In Jesus Name Stay down!”  and it did.  I know this is a long weird dream but there are some things in this dream that speak to me.  I believe the manifestation of what I was seeing with the distractions and frustrations were being affected by the gun that the little boy was building.  Immediately in my spirit I hear the Word of God saying, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”.  It’s just a paper gun fashioned by this little boy that shows me it has little power to do anything but distract, but its main purpose was a three-fold attack, the main one was definitely to come against MEDITATION.  The other two God did not reveal to me.  But the attack is planned, formed and is to get your peace and to infiltrate your home.  One of the last things in the dream I remember was that you did eventually take the gun from the boy.




Pastor Amy had a dream that someone was up on the platform speaking into the microphone, she didn’t recognize her, but she stated beware of the Jezebel, she’s coming, no she is already here in your midst.  She then received a word from the Lord that the leaders were about to be attacked by that same spirit and she warned them to guard their hearts over the holidays.  She heard the Lord say that 1/3 of the core leaders would rebel and would no longer follow the leadership team and will also attempt to leave with others.

  • This came to pass in the coming months but what the enemy meant for harm, to destroy us, actually God used to refine us and prune us into new growth.

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