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Our son had a dream that he was trying to call us on the phone many times and he became frustrated that he could not reach us.  In the dream I called him back and I told him that I was sorry but that we could not keep up with what God was doing in this new season, that we already had three services running and we may have to add a fourth service because of all the god was doing and all the people that were coming.

  • This is just one of many dreams that we have received from many sources of about what God is about to do and about the explosion of growth that is coming.For years many people from many churches have prophesied a huge explosion of nuclear proportions into our life, but it wasn’t until recent years that we are now beginning to understand what it all meant.


In the dream, I was at your church in the new building, ministering to the people about living in the Overflow.  I stated that up until now they have only trusted God with their finances to the point of just getting by, just getting their needs met, just making it from pay day to pay day.  But I saw God stirring a season of offerings, that would take them to a place of OVERLFOW, a place of more than enough, more than they could even handle so they could be an abundant blessing.  This was not a sermon, but a declaration, not just to get a big offering, but to move both the church and the people to a supernatural place of blessing, so that they could accomplish all that God has set before them.  There was a great level of the people’s expectations raised and a high praise that followed, but there were some that did not receive this as their heart was resistant to it due to past hurts in the area of giving, but these were very few people.



(Pastor Buddy) While staying in the basement guest room of Benoit and Sylvie’s home on our first night this week, God gave me a very detailed dream I would like to share as I believe God has given me this dream to reveal His heart intent towards your relationships with each other.

The dream started as I entered a small business where I met a young girl who appeared to be very busy serving other people but also very sad and broken-hearted as well.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she misses her mother and the relationship that they once had.  She said she felt like she lost her relationship with her mother as when she was a small child and was not sure how to get it back.  She said she had recently just moved to the area for a new job after nearly 10 years of working and living far away. She said she was happy in her job but felt a hole in her heart because she did not know where her mother was.  I asked her mother’s name and she said Sylvie.  I shouted that I know her and where to find her.  She hugged me and we both cried because I realized that Sylvie was also my mother and that I was the girl's brother and that now I too was gaining a sister.  I immediately left and found Sylvie and asked her to come to the area where her daughter was working.  When she arrived in the car, you ran out into the street to meet her but stopped short of the car and went no further.  Sylvie had arrived in the car and the door was open but was apprehensive about getting out of the car as she just sat crying and holding onto the steering wheel.  I said look at your daughter is just over there and wants to be reunited with you.  I felt at the time as I stood with the daughter holding onto her and hugging her that she felt a lot of confusion about her childhood and that she felt hurt and abandoned as a child, almost not wanted or even aborted as a daughter when she was young.  Now I do not feel this was the reality, but I feel that the enemy desired to destroy relationship with her and her mother and other family members by bringing a false sense of perception even at a young age.  As I stood at the open car door with the mother, I felt her pain of rejection and the hurts she carried from many years of being pushed away.  I felt she was having trouble letting some hurts go as the scars went very deep.  I felt that hurt and scars were on both sides of the relationship and that is when the dream ended.  As I prayed about the meaning of the dream.  As I prayed about this dream, I began to see a bigger picture of God’s desire to bring about a restoration to relationships in the family that had been fractures for many years.  I felt that some things happened many years ago when the daughter was a young child that caused some feelings to be planted as a seed that began to grow into a root of discord and frustration.  I felt that God was showing me the daughter was moving or being moved to a new area because of a job but that God was orchestrating it to bring about restoration.  I also saw the daughter getting back to a job of serving people that brought joy of purpose back into her life.  I also believe the vehicle I saw the Sylvie sitting in and clinging to was symbolic of hurt and rejection that became a vehicle to drive her from her daughter.  I do not feel like God was showing me a right or wrong on either the mother or the daughter.  I only saw what God wanted and His heart’s desire was to see the restoration to a mother and daughter that would also lead to the restoration to other family members like the brother. I saw that you both had a desire to see the full restoration but as you both stood there crying you were unable to see what you both needed to do.  Both of you were still not at a place where you could effectively communicate with each other as you could with others in the family.  I believe God is saying it’s time to really communicate your feelings but not in a way that you feel you are right and the other is wrong, but to allow God to show you each other’s perspective so that you will truly understand each other’s hearts and that once and for all the false perception could be dealt with.  It is time to forgive and let go of all the hurt and pain you feel so that God can truly bring healing into your lives and the loves of those around you.   I pray you both seek God’s face for your own interpretation to what I saw in my dream.   I tried to remember the entire dream and share what I felt from the perspective of the mother, daughter and brother and I pray that God’s will and desire for this restoration come quickly and to the fullness of what I saw happening in each of your hearts.


WORD “OVERFLOW CHURCH” October 3, 2017

Relationships will be built.  Fear not about the number of people.  God is multiplying what you have now.  God will bring people back to you unexpectedly, you will build a relationship with them and when you meet them the first few times it will feel as if you have known them for years.  They will provide for your needs in that specific time.  Don’t ever give up because God is a last-minute God to see if your faith will stand or if it will fall.  New wisdom, knowledge and understanding is about to fall like never before.  Things are about to happen in an instant like never before. Order is very important; you must have in order what God wants you to do so that you know how to pray and what to ask for first.  Anything out of order can post pone Gods plans, but yet His plan will stand.  God is a sudden God.  He’s done waiting for us to wake up.  He’s going to begin to just do things in your life that you can not control.  God is saying we have been hitting the snooze button way too long.  When you snooze, you lose. Lose no more I say.  I want you to enjoy all that I have to offer you.  You deserve it all.  Just follow me and my ways.  It’s no longer you but me that lives inside of you.  Sometimes you have to go through the darkest of the dark so you can see your light shine from within.  Light is best seen in the dark.

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