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A dream in the beginning of 2016 that God was about to bless the church in a big way.   In the dream we took up an offering at the church and it was over $20,000, but we were stunned as we couldn’t figure out how this could happen as we are not that big. At this time, we only had a small group of people.

  • This came to pass in March of 2016!



Pastor Amy had a dream that she walked into a larger building and saw a worship team start to warm up to get ready for a service.  She saw a large team on the stage like 12-16 younger people playing together and as they began to play water came from the stage and began to fill the sanctuary as Amy and Tom Talley (our original worship leader) stood and he Said, don’t worry, as Amy began to get nervous, he said, the water is just fine.  Amy asked Tom (Our old worship leader) where did they come from and he said…  “They have always been here; they were just never allowed to get up and exercise their gifts.”

  • God was beginning to show us that church had put too many stipulations on people, looking for perfection before they released them in their giftings.God confirmed to us that He was about to raise up the imperfect to do His perfect will.


I had a dream the Pastor Amy and I were walking in the sanctuary; it was not in the church we are in but a new building we were going to move to. (Our current building on 20th street) As we walked amongst the crowd, we would speak to different people, couples, young and old and suddenly and randomly some of them would manifest a demonic presence.  We very calmly and gently just stated, you know you have to leave, they would fight briefly, but we would just say, its time for you to leave now and they were instantly delivered. Then we would just walk down more rows and continued our walk.

  • This has started happening at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 as we have had several manifestations occur suddenly. God is in the process of training us up and equipping us for this new level.

DREAM “COMING REVIVAL” February 1, 2016

I saw myself standing in a large open tract of land, I was not just one person but there were several of me standing on the corners of the property with both hands in the air towards heaven holding what I think were golden bowls.  I look to be standing like a giant in stature and I did not think it was representing me but the church.  The dream then moved to where Amy and I were being pulled around the city in an old wagon like on little house on the prairie with no cover.  We saw throngs of people pressing about around the wagon and I felt as if we stopped moving, we would be overtaken by the crowd.  I was told by someone leading the wagon that something happened suddenly with our church and what God was doing had caused such a commotion in the city.  It even drew news media attention as I saw them arriving in vans putting their equipment together.  I was then told by the guy I saw leading us that to look at my phone and get ready for it stated blowing up with calls from all over the country and beyond.  I remember thinking how can we handle this? it was really stretching us.  I noticed that a large part of the crowd was very excited at what God was doing but there was also another smaller crowd that hated this move of God and were trying to attack us, they appeared to be non-believers and religious people, but they could not stop us but just offered insults.  As we moved about the city, I saw people crawling out of the manholes in the center of the street to the point that we almost hit them but never did.  They had a fishing pole in one hand and a large lively fish on the other as they laid them onto the street and climbed out.  The fish were of many different types and colors.  This happened over and over on many streets in the city as they suddenly surfaced.  There was also business that were closed that we needed to get into, but we had the knowledge of where these keys were hidden and could come and go from them as we pleased.  I felt like this is tied in with the last dream I had about discovering the cavern below the city building with a crystal clear pool of a variety of fish and being confronted by the little girl telling us that this was not our territory.  I got the impression that what God was about to do was very suddenly and caught us by surprise and overwhelmed us quickly, but it was in response to God granting us access to this new territory by way of intercession.  I believe God wants to show up and show off and in return it will cause many to come seeking Him.  There is a lot of prophetic symbols in this, but the end result is the fish that God wants us to catch.  It’s all about the lost!  It’s about God granting us the territory to go into the highways and byways to retrieve that which God has claimed to be His.  Get Ready!



Pastor Amy had a dream that church was getting ready to begin.  I went out the side door to check on what she believed to be the youth.  It was a large auditorium much larger than our church building.  She walked into a small sanctuary and saw what appeared to be our church and its main members, but then back into the larger sanctuary.  It was filled to capacity with a younger generation of people form high school aged to young adults.  She saw David Lloyd and Larry there and she asked them where all the people came from and they didn’t know.  She stepped up onto a stage and began to speak to them as she knew we did not have a young adults or youth leader.  I asked them to raise their hands if they attended another church and 98% said they did.  She then asked what we did different in our church that drew them from other churches.  A young man then stood up, came to the stage, handed Amy a long large algebraic math problem on a piece of paper and handed it to her.  We are here because this has made us think and made us to be involved.  She then looked up and saw Larry had placed ushers / security guards at the end of each row because we had such a large crowd and they were lively and excited.  There was a young man that was twisted and contorted and staring at me very intently, I felt it was a plant of the enemy to distract.  She then woke up God spoke to her.” We wont have a youth group of that size that belongs to us, but they will come and be drawn to us because ot the presence of God at our church building.  You will pour into them and they will be filled and carry it back to their churches.”

 “Another dream Amy had was that our building was full of younger people and the line stretched all the way outside our building and they were waiting to get into the Overflow as a service was getting ready to start”

  • When I look back in retrospect on these dreams, it gave us a fore shadow of what the Overflow and Recovery Church would eventually evolve into.



In the dream I saw a really big flat bed trailer and loaded onto it was a large ball of fire.  We would hook up to it and take it out on trips as a team.  Wherever the Fire went, we would go and wherever we would go the Fire went.  We would return back to a large barn that was like a church home base and would then connect the fire up to a large power outlet with a large power cable to recharge the barn.  I saw Larry Ferguson hooking and unhooking the cable and hooking up to the trailer and unhooking the trailer as he parked it into the barn.



In the dream I saw overflow positioned at the water’s edge, we were catching fish, very large fish and carrying them back to two of our leaders David and Leal Lloyd.  They were preparing the food and feeding many that were lined up.  I saw many deep freezers lined up storing the food.


A previous leader shared a dream with us about coming to Overflow, it was in a new building and there was a line out the door down the street as people were waiting desperately to come in.  They were eating at a large buffet, but it was not just a cheap food but was the best food, the top choice of all food, the best that money could buy as God was going to have us do things with great excellence.

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