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When we took this pastoral position, we were very reluctant at the time.  We had served in ministry for over 20 years and had gone through many assignments with the Lord but had also been through many battles that left us very tired and weary.  We had become Baptist, Church of God, Assembly of God, Non-Denominational all along searching for who we were.  We had spent many years looking for the real and the genuine but could only catch a glimpse of it through our perception of what we though church was.  God was slowly taking out of us the desire for position and title and trying to bring to the surface the true heart of servant leaders, but we still need to go through a refining process.  This process came by way of a 5 year sabbatical that landed us in Palm Bay Fl.  We had resigned to the fact that we no longer wanted anything to do with ministry as we had seen behind the curtain so to speak like on the Wizard of OZ.  We had told God we would never move for ministry again, but funny thing is when you tell God no, he will send a big fish along your way to carry you to where he intends you to be.  I had a job transfer take us to Florida and God let us just do our thing for a few years.  Now sometimes God is Jehovah Jirah, or Jehovah Nissi, but sometimes He is straight up Jehovah Sneaky.  After two years of being in Florida God gave me a dream


In the dream I was standing in the throne room of heaven and Jesus was sitting on the throne.  He looked me up and down as I stood there with a beer in my hand and he said some piercing words. “I have created you for more than just that, its time for you and Amy to get back to what I have called you to do and be”.  I woke up shaken to the core. Up until this point my life became a life of leisure and work, I had a full bar in my garage and I just drank myself to forget.  I rarely went to church anymore because it just reminded me of what I was not doing anymore, and I knew it was what I was created to do.  I had a hard time finding my way back to the call.  Shortly after the dream I opened myself up again to hear from God and he spoke very clearly.  I want you to sell your home and move to the Vero Beach area.  So, in blind obedience Amy and just took a step of faith and did it.  Two weeks later our home was sold, and we began looking for a home.  Its funny how God will do in the natural what he is about to do in the spiritual.  We purchased a run-down old home and began to fix it up.  That home was a spiritual depiction of our lives.  It was a home that was divided up into apartments and it was a transient place full of drugs and drink and the police were happy that we purchased it.  It was in dire need of restoration. It was our life, we had become divided, and transient in nature, we had neglected out spiritual home and it was time for an overhaul.  Shortly after moving in, God spoke to us again.  He said, “It’s time for you to get back into church and become what I have created you to be”.  At this point I was not in a place where I wanted to play the game of church shopping.  So I said, Lord, show us where you want us to go and we will, until then you know where I live.  Ha, what an attitude I still had, but I was just being real, I no longer wanted to play the game, I wanted God to be in charge and I did not want to manipulate anything.  Two weeks later God led us to this church, and it has been an amazing journey filled with many battles and victories, it has come with many tears both in joy and pain, but it has stretched us beyond what we though capable.  We started this journey with one thing, blind obedience no matter what the cost.

When we came into the church for the first time, we sat in the back, we made an agreement that we were not going to tell anyone that we use to minister or pastor, we were going to make it very difficult for God to get us back into the game lol.  But we also did not want to manipulate a position as we had dome in the past and I have seen happen many times in churches.  We wanted the real, the Isaac, and not the Ishmael's that we had had many times in the past.

God began to give us prophetic insight into the leaders of the church, we felt the Love of God with these people and they began to win us over.  But something happened I did not expect, God began to wake us up in the middle of the night and birthed out over 30 pages of vision for the church, dream begin to come very quickly with greater detail than we have even known.  I didn’t know what to di with it, I said Lord, this is not our church, this is for the pastor.  So I gave it to him, but I think it just puzzled him and he said, boy you sure are wordy.  As a few very short months went by, we begin with the pastors’ permission to encourage the leadership team with words from the Lord and would then go to the back row.  We felt at home and knew God was going to restore us, but we were thinking the 5-year plan.  You know it took us five years’ worth of step to run away from God, surely it would take us 5 more years of step to get back to where we were.  But with God it was only one step, surrender and there we were.  Suddenly we came to understand what God was doing as the leaders told us and the Pastor that they were looking for his replacement as he was about to retire.  It hit us like a ton of bricks, oh no, no, no sure it’s not us.  But slowly God began to deal with our hearts, our first response in our heart was NO WAY, but that only lasted few weeks as it became, God, have YOUR WAY.  What happened over the next few weeks was a whirlwind, the leaders began to have dreams about us, and God rolled us under the bus, ha, you can not hide from the call.  In the next many pages, we want to share some of the dream that God gave us, other leaders and friends that have been mile markers, street signs as you will to navigate the call upon our lives, this church and our leaders.  We felt that we were the last choice for this church and how could we even take this on board, we came to this church to be restored, but we had no idea He was about to do a quick work.  In just over 3 months after arriving to the church we became the senior pastors, now that’s what I call a quick restoration, but now we started the journey of refinement.  Please read through these dreams and be encouraged to see than many have come to pass, while many are still not quite yet.  I wanted to include also dreams of warnings and correction so that you can see how God leads.  Eventually this will be a book titled ‘The Reluctant Leader”.


When Amy and I took this Pastoral Position, we were very reluctant at the time and ran from it a bit.  But one of the main leaders at the time had a dream that they were in the sanctuary of the church waiting with all the leaders at a large banquet table with a huge feast set at the table.  He noticed that there were empty chairs at the end of the table, and he asked the leaders who we were still waiting on and why they were not eating yet.  The leaders told him, we are waiting on Buddy and Amy as they are about to come and SUP with us.  He then moved to the outside of the church and watched as we approached the church on foot, we were standing outside the building covered in mud and the leader said how can they come in here they are dirty.  Suddenly out of the heavens water fell and washed us clean instantly and we were able to enter into the church and sit at the table.  I believe this was God showing us that all the years we spent in the dry desert, all the things we though disqualified us to for service for years was instantly gone.  This was God performing in Amy and me restoration, the same restoration process that He desires for us to reproduce in Overflow and Recovery Churches.

DREAM “LITTLE HORSES” – August of 2014

The first big dream, God gave us that we believe defines who we are, and what we will be doing in relation to our mission and vision.

“I was taken in a dream to a place I grew up, a farm located in Bourbon County, Kentucky called dripping springs farm.  This farm was special for me as I spent my youth on this farm. It had 7 live springs on the farm that I could drink from, it was so cold and fresh and on a hot dry day there was nothing better.  The farmhouse was surrounded by all the fruit trees you could imagine, and it had one of the largest gardens I have ever seen.  It was a wonderful place to find drink and food at any time of the day.  This farm was also a place of great pain for me as my grandparents had a big white house on the farm that I accidently set fire to and destroyed.  It was a place where I felt such great pain as I watched the farm go from a place of springs and safety to a place of destruction.  What was left of the house and spring by the home was covered up with the ashes and ruins.  In the dream I was taken back to this farm and was standing at the site where the farmhouse and spring use to be.  I saw a new building siting on the ashes.  It was a building that had two parts, one with a second floor and one with a one floor only.  It looked just like the building we are in today.  Amy and I were standing outside in the dark between the building and the spring.  All of a sudden, we heard a rustling in the darkness in the direction of the main road.  Out of the darkness we saw a small what looked like a horse, as it had a face of a horse, but it moved like a deer with feet like a deer.  It moved towards us out of the darkness and we noticed it had a saddle and bridle, but no rider.  It was emaciated looking, ribs showing, cuts bruises, it looked to have been in battle and had lost its rider.  As it came to us, we led it to the spring and it would drink as we took off the saddle, the bridle and other things that were loaded onto its back. I noticed that its mouth was bleeding and cracked from the bridle being on it for so long without rest.  As it would drink, I noticed its ribs that were once showing started to disappear.  Once it was able to drink enough, we then led it into the church where others took them in.  One after another they came, all night long, one by one, many were hurt in battle, starving, some barely living, some were carrying nets loaded with baggage and things that were dragging them down.  One by one we would remove the things off of them that were hurting and weighing them down.”


This dream is about a consolidation and justice coming to you from the lord in the form of your destiny. The enemy tried to convince you that you were nothing good but God in you is everything good. This dream is showing you that from the robbery and destruction of your past, will come two new things. One will be a place where extremely hurt and broken people will come to be healed and filled. They will come in great crowds when the time is right. The second thing is a place of rest for you and for Amy that will enable you to be free from restlessness, constantly feeling less and belonging nowhere- you will find peace and rest. Justice and real overflowing redemption are coming

DREAM “TEAM OF MINERS” September of 2014

“I saw a group of people in the church working as a team as they began to dig underground with the use of what I can describe as high-pressure water hoses.  They worked in teams, small groups as they worked their way into the ground until they had established a labyrinth of tunnels that came up into local homes, businesses and even restaurants.  They came up into what looked like kitchens in the homes, and I saw water that came up like a spring into the home and with it I saw flakes and particles of Gold as it washed into the homes with clean water.  I then saw as the group of people collected precious stones and gems of many different colors, size and shapes.  Some were very polished, and some were very rough.  I watched as the people gathered the gems and stones and carried them back into the tunnels to the church.  I saw some of the businesses as well as some were bar type secular locations that were full of lost people.  I have sought God on this dream, I feel it was very visionary to this church in particular.  I will attempt to break out what God has been showing me as to the meaning of the dream.”


This dream is about God sending a grace to people within your church and other churches to plow up the ground in your area with prayer and service. When this reaches a tipping point then God will allow heavenly things to come into homes and businesses and a move of god will begin to manifest outside the church walls in homes- businesses and dark places. God will give the church what it needs to properly steward this treasure and move of His spirit.


Pastor Amy had a dream that we were at an old property in Henderson, Ky where we use to live.  It had a huge swimming pool at the time but in the dream, she noticed that it was no longer there.  She began to direct pastor Buddy around the yard with a large shovel where to dig so that we could bring back the big beautiful pool. She would hear from Heaven and then direct pastor Buddy with the prophetic as to where to dig and when.  As we located the spot, we began to dig and stuck water.  God is calling us in the Prophetic and Apostolic mantles to re-dig the old pool that has been covered over by dirt so that we can restore back to pools of refreshing back to Gods people. 

WORD “THE BATTLE IS COMING” – November of 2014

When we took on this ministry, this was the very first prophetic word of warning that we received.  It has guided us through many dark times and when were have been in a place of wanting to give up, we always go back to this word.  This was what we posted on the prayer room door so every time we went to battle, we would hold tight to this promise.

When we took on this ministry, this was the very first Prophetic word of Warning that we received.  It has guided us through some dark times and when we were in the battle, this was posted on the Prayer room wall to remind us that the battle is the Lords.


The Spirit of the Lord says: 

“Get ready for this is going to be an epic battle.  One in which you have never experienced.  But do not take on a Spirit of fear!!! For I have called you and will be with you every step of the way.  Gird yourself up, gird your families, and keep the wall of protection strong.  Be ready for you have stepped out of the land of death and into the land of the LIVING and what you have stepped into requires a lot, but you have it within you!” GET READY! GET READY! GET READY!

In this word I was reminded of a dream I had in 2008, I was standing in a large church service with a lot of young people and youth, Dave Smith (Previous Pastor) was visiting this service and I stood at the back and hid.  At the end, he walked past me in the hallway and I sheepishly pulled away to hide, but he saw me and said, how are you doing?  And I replied, ok I guess, with a reluctant tone and as I looked away ashamed as I was not doing very well spiritually.  He stated, the next time I see you and ask you how you are doing, the only response I want to hear is That I AM OCCUPYING, not just doing ok.

This was a call to me way back then to start to occupy the land, not just be a visitor to it, not just hide in it but to truly OCCUPY the land by stepping out of death to the living!


VISION / WORDS  “WHATS COMING” December of 2014

A new Season

Awakening, Refreshing, Release and Renewal

I feel God is taking us from a defensive season to an offensive season, we are coming out of 7 years of famine that has slowed the work in the kingdom to a defensive posture to just survive, but God is saying in this NEW season, a season of increase and stretching, I will bring forth new Rain, a refreshing on the land, water brings revival to dry lands, rain breaks up the dirt clods, fills in the dry cracks earth, brings forth new life, Get ready for it is coming!

Come off the path of religion

The first picture I had was a large open field with cows and livestock in it.  In the field was a small worn-down path that if you have been around a farm, indicates a travel path for livestock.  Cows often take the same path as they travel leaving a small rut in the field that goes across it. 

Do not limit what you see

The second picture I had was a generic church building and as I saw a minister in it praying, the roof was lifted off the building exposing the heavens and the stars that seemed to have no end.

Here comes the Tsunami

The third picture I saw was a view of the ocean and as I began looking out into it a large tsunami like swell appeared suddenly and came in just like in that movie the Impossible.  This was not just a large rogue wave but an ever-increasing buildup of water that submerged the land and just kept coming.

As I prayed God began to show me the fullness of these three images.  In the first one I saw Jesus standing in the field off the path as if he was inviting us to leave the path to take another fresh one.  God began to share with me that the path was religious things, the business of ministry and church that we do with regularity and with that we become like the cows going about their business taking the path of least resistance, doe good things.  But I heard Jesus calling us to a different path, a fresh path, one less traveled but one that would bring refreshing to us as were now going to be led not by the path or religion but by the direction of God.  In the second picture God showed me that what he wants from us is for us to believe Him for more. 

At this time, I felt God was sharing with me that we could only believe Him to the level of our own experiences, what we have seen, what we have felt which was limited just like that rood of the church.  The ceiling had become as far as we could see.  But God is saying that He wants our sight to be unlimited as He is unlimited.  That our believe and faith should be without limits and that we should position ourselves to begin to believe Him for abundantly more that we could imagine and in turn we would begin to see the miraculous.

In the third picture I felt it was what was coming.  That God was wanting us to act on the first two things He was showing us because of what is coming.  I felt the tsunami type wave I saw was something that He is about to do suddenly.  It represents the Harvest, the anointing, the grace, the power, the big things that were about to happen.  Only churches and people who have ears to hear and eyes to see would position themselves for this outpouring.  We must come to a place where we begin to act and position ourselves as if we have it, act as if you have the increase and then when it comes, you will not be scrambling to figure it out. 

God has given us many words of confirmation as to this harvest that is coming for our church in dreams, visions, and prophetic words and from so many sources that I no longer say “if” but “When”.  The When doesn’t matter to me as God has His timings in all things, but what does matter is that we begin to take action to position ourselves for great things.  I have shared this with many pastors in several states and what blows my mind is that they are hearing the same things.  They too are preparing for this as they have spoken of words of confirmation of God doing an explosive work, suddenly, powerfully and that they need to position themselves for growth.  I believe this is not a denominational thing that God is doing but a Remnant thing.  Those that are tapped in, those that have put their houses in order as we have done, those who will not compromise on what He is asking us to do no matter the cost.

  • I was blown away after reading the book “Quest for the Radical middle” it was a history of the Vineyard and it mentions a word spoken back in the 70’s over Vero Beach that a Tsunami flood of revival was going to hit in the next generation.That’s this generation!The Time is Upon us!

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