I found myself riding in a car with an older pastor. He was taking me to church as I recently gave my heart to the Lord.  He was taking me to get baptized in a borrowed church baptismal.  While in the car I looked at him and I heard God speak to me “You will be a pastor one day like him but very different.”  That feeling never left me.  While at the baptismal service, I told the pastor I didn’t want to go down into the water like everyone else, or that way.  Not understanding what I was talking about he would just turn me around; I would say no not that way and he would turn me around again.  I finally said, no, I want to go face down, not laid back like everyone else.  He looked at me with frustration and said son I’m sorry that’s just not how we do it.  I said why?  In his frustration, he just pushed me under.  I feel this was a prophetic statement of how God was going to raise me not be afraid to challenge the religious things we do and ask WHY?


I found myself on a Mediterranean cruise in the Navy on an aircraft carrier.  While reading my bible I started having visions of me preaching and ministering to many.  This happened many times and confused me.  When I returned back home to Florida, Amy and I talked and at the same time revealed the same thing.  She too while home was having the same visions.  It was at that time we both experienced God in a whole new way.


God will use your right hand to cast out many demons and heal the sick.  The word would be placed so strong in you that when you speak, demons will flee. Your feet will carry Gods word across many nations.  Be ready to drop everything at a moment’s notice and go where God is calling us to go and establish a new work.


I saw you both ministering in a church surrounded by pine trees.  I had the feeling you were in Canada, right across the border of America.  I say that you both were joyful and so satisfied at what God had done.  I then see you waiving saying goodbye, and those people would be joyfully bidding you goodbye too.

- This came to pass as we went to the Montreal Canada area with Sylvie and Benoit to minister at their church.


I see the Lord will use you both mightily and I see you both as pastors of a church that you established.

You have made this man like a great and might oak tree as you are a man of great stature, I a.m. making you a man of great spiritual stature.  From childhood, to boyhood and to manhood.  Many will rely upon you for rest among the great branches.  Many will sit in the branches and many under them.  Amy is the tender fragrance of a garden planted at the base of the tree.  Many will be drawn by that fragrance to the Lord.  You will have the ability to get in there along side of others and lay foundations in their lives with special insight and discernment.

You will have a love to win souls and will possess keys and anointings to see the hidden sins and will be able to give trust and security.  You will possess a strong word of knowledge and insight and a heart to see people free.  You will see miracles that will follow the word.  I break off every curse from you from past generations in Jesus name.  Amy you will become so increasingly secure, you will not fail.

The anointing of the Lord will be so strong on you both that it took my breath away. It will ooze out of every part of your being.  What every you have imagined in your minds about how the Lord will use you both is very small in comparison to how the Lord will actually use you.  It will be greater than anything you have ever imagined or have every tried to imagine.


I had a series of dream for an entire month in the area of deliverance.  In each situation, it started off very mild and slow, to just coming into a room would set them off and cause them to manifest.  In the dream I always felt fire on my back and hands to the point that when someone touched me it burned their hand.  This all came to an end when I had to face Satan himself, instead of engaging in battle with him, I just turned my back and laughed.  I was not longer in fear as I once was, I was no longer oppressed, I was truly free.


DREAM “NO SHOES” November of 1996

I had a dream where I was preaching in a church, I was so relaxed, and the room was 75% a younger generation.  In the dream I had taken off my suit and tie, unbuttoned my shirt and then took off my shoes as I began to get real.  I saw myself moving out of the religious things, out of what I was told was appropriate, to a whole new level.


Stand still and submit.  You have been chasing after revival with great zeal, but it has always stayed just out of reach.  The time has come for you to stop running and listen to my Spirit not with ears geared towards the religious things, not out of filtering my words according to the way things are or have been taught to you.  But listen to me with undefiled ears, ready to listen and take action as to the things I speak.  But hear this, all that I speak must be followed to the letter.  My ways are not your ways and my desires are not yet your desires.  I will begin to show you what to do to facilitate my Spirit.  I will show you the hidden things, I will show you dead works and I will show you the Living works.  Be ready for the days are short, complete your destiny, finish the race set before you, be about my business, not yours.


God is releasing the Apostolic and Prophetic offices over you.  There will be a new work that you will establish.  It will grow very slow at first, it will be very challenging, but it will eventually grow very quickly and very large.  You will have a school of ministry focusing on the prophetic.  It will be like a school becoming a church and a church becoming a school.



Amy, you have not fully stepped into the fullness of the prophetic mantle you carry, you are already having access to it. God is going to release you into high favor with influential people, send you out to speak and bring words to them.  You operate in a higher level of clarity and details than Buddy for another purpose.  The reason for all the attacks is the enemy knows your full potential.  People will be intimidated by your walk and calling.

Buddy, you are called to the scattered sheep.  Call them in, heal them and send them out.  You carry the power of an atomic bomb / missile that is about to be launched.  God is about to release more boldness over you, you will be like a Holy Spirit Terrorist in the enemies, camp.  A suicide bomber.

You both are still marching to the beat and are almost ready for launching.  God is still opening up your eyes to greater revelation.


You will travel nationally and internationally.  A strong vein of Gold is about to come into your lives that will propel our vision.  We cannot fathom how blessed you will be.  You are called to equip and release the younger generation.